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Are you a fan of crossword puzzles? If so, take a peek at this crossword puzzle wall clock designed in a crossword puzzle layout. The contemporary wall clock is square in shape and features white squares upon a black background just like one would find in a typical newspaper puzzle. What’s more, instead of numerical figures for each of the 12 hours, the numbers are spelt out in word form as though previously discovered clues. This makes telling the time a lot more fun.

Crossword puzzles are believed to have first been created in England back in the 19th Century. A journalist by the name of Arthur Wynne from the port city of Liverpool created the first brain teaser for wide public enjoyment and this appeared in a newspaper on December 21, 1913. At first the puzzles contained no black squares and looked unfamiliar to today’s versions but soon designs changed and so did the popularity of the crossword puzzle. By the 1930s, puzzles were appearing nationwide and indeed, in publications across the world.

This square word puzzle wall clock will make an excellent decorative and functional addition for a crossword lover. It will be a reminder of a much loved pastime hobby and will bring some humor into the home when visiting friends and family come visiting. It can be placed on a kitchen wall to make sure the kids are on time for school or alternatively in a home library, study or bedroom. If you like solving puzzles whilst in the bathroom, then it will look great in that particular interior as well.

You can buy this unique clock from here: Crossword Puzzle Wall Clock.

Made from powder coated metal.