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If you’re looking for a contemporary stainless steel planter with a difference then the Spring Planter with a spiral base as seen below will definitely require a second look. As previous buyers have written, the Spring Planter is both unique and an obvious talking point among family and guests alike. For a modern interior where indoor plants are desired, this springed-base planter will bring a touch of the surreal to the kitchen or living room table top.

Despite the look of the spiral base, the Spring Planter is very sturdy whilst also maintaining a slight bounce effect when touched. A full range of house-plants can be placed into this planter, whether real or faux. This contemporary stainless steel spiral base planter is certainly a decorative accent that combines both functionality and fascinating form. It’s eye-catching and grabs the attention in whichever room it is located.

For an existing contemporary interior, this Spring Planter will compliment the modern styles and materials already in place. However, the spiral base planter will also bring a touch of whimsical modernity to a more traditional setting. This is particularly true if you go in for the Bohemian style of decorating and fashion.

Price: $48