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Looking for a fruit bowl that will create an exciting splash of décor in your kitchen, dining or living room? Look no further for this Dropp Bowl by Menu is the embodiment of a frozen-in-time splash as you might expect to see if a ball was dropped in a tin of paint or into the sea. Suspended animation style decorative accessories are an increasingly popular feature in many homes and this fruit bowl is an example of why.

Menu is a Scandinavian design company which specialize in aesthetic and practical designs for everyday use in the home. Many of their creations have deep roots in the Scandinavian love of designs inspired by nature in the Nordic region of the world. This bowl resembling a splash of paint or water echoes the sights that can be seen in lakes, rivers and seas when objects or animals fall from trees or jump into bodies of water.

Originality is a key concept of Menu and this splash themed Dropp Bowl, designed by Henriette Melchiorsen, is certainly going to be a fun and characterful accessory for your kitchen counter, dining table surface or living room coffee table. Made from silicone, the splash fruit bowls are available in an assortment of different colors including red, white, green, blue and purple, plus more. Wherever it is placed, the dynamic looking bowl will add a feeling of suspended movement and philosophical interest to an interior space.

You can buy it from here: Splash Shaped Fruit Bowl.

Price: $65