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If you’re anything like me, you like to keep to the wine bottle corks of fine wines you’ve recently enjoyed as a memento of the delicious taste, the setting and of course, the name of the wine if it is printed on the cork itself. This “Corks of the World” cork cage is an ideal storage container and is a sculptural marvel in its own right. For anyone with a love of wine, travel, cartography or geography, this unique cork container will make the most wonderful addition to the home.

A globe of the world cork cage does indeed combine well with the subject of wine. Connoisseurs of wine will be well aware of the multitude of different locations from which the wine we find in your local stores come from. They range from California, Chile and Australia through to France, Italy, Israel and South Africa. In Europe especially, wine regions have developed over many centuries and give their name to some of the most famous and delicious wines we know today.

This cork cage is based on the traditional spinning globe that can be seen in bedrooms, schools and libraries across the nation. However, it has a decidedly classical metal style and is based on the traditional world globes seen in the 17th and 18th Centuries. The globe cage section does indeed spin so as to move the corks about to catch a glimpse of the corks you’ve collected when showing friends and guests your previous buys. A little round hole provides the access point.

Place it on a home bar table or shelf and it will merge in with the general theme of the interior very well. Alternatively, it can also be situated in a wine cellar, kitchen, dining room or living room where it will be sure to enhance the overall décor of the space. The cork cage globe is going to fit in wonderfully with décor themes connected to wine, travel, culture and the world at large.

You can buy it from here: Corks of The World Cork Cage.

Price: $29