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I’ve been engrossed with the coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics over the last few days. My favourite competition has been the speed skating, especially the short track. The grace of the speed skater’s body and movement as they slide around the ice is enthralling and the heat of the battle is pulsating. That’s why when I saw this Andy Warhol Speed Skater art print, I knew I had to write about it.

Speed Skater, c.1983
Speed Skater, c.1983 Art PrintWarhol, Andy Buy at

Andy Warhol is one of the most famous 20th century artists known to the general public. This is due to his prolific amount of work and ground-breaking movement into the world of Pop Art. His most famous works were a collection of multiple images of every day objects such as soda bottles, dollar bills, soup cans and celebrities. Warhol’s innovation of silk-screening provided yet more plaudits from the public and art critics alike.

The Speed Skater, c.1983, is in a similar style to these famous prints. Boxes of color are superimposed over one another and in the center is the elegant yet dynamic image of a speed skater in the heat of competition. There’s no reference to any one Winter Olympics which makes this speed skater poster timeless and relevant to all past, present and future Winter Games. What I particularly like is how the colored boxes have been placed at angles, suggesting movement and in many ways, instability that comes from racing on millimeter thick skating blades.

If like me, you have been following the Vancouver Olympic speed skating events, then this Andy Warhol speed skating art print will make a nice decorative accessory for a wall in your home. It will suit contemporary interiors especially and will also add some 20th Century artistic history to a setting, not to mention memories of fun sporting occasions.