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I had to look up the word ‘spalted’ and read its definition. The process of spalting is a natural one and is basically the spread of fungus through the wood. This occurs more prominently in dead wood but can also be seen in live trees. Spalted wood is desirable for the patterns and coloration it is found in and this can be seen in these wooden salad servers by renowned wood artist Spencer Peterman.

The spalted wood salad servers bring nature to the kitchen and dining table setting. Made from a single piece of wood, the servers match a variety of other wooden dinnerware and serviceware pieces, also by Peterman. Despite the process the wood has been through, the servers are completely 100% food safe. They are all handmade in the artist’s studio which is located in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.

You can buy this pair here: Large Spalted Salad Servers.

Price: $44

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