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It’s one of the most expensive cat beds you’re ever likely to come across. The Solo hand-blown glass cat bed by Kattbank is a formidable display of feline minimalism and style taken to a whole new level. This isn’t a bottle bed for any ordinary kitty, oh no, it’s for the top cat of the region or country. Do you love your cat enough to fork out the $2,400 for this custom made item of extravagance?

The glass vessel comes in varying sizes depending on the size of the cat which will enjoy the sophisticated surroundings. A cat blanket can be placed inside for added comfort from which the feline can survey the interior of the home. It’s a luxurious creation and one that will act functionally in regards to the cat and add form in relation to a decorative highlight and certain talking point among cat loving friends and family.

For more information: Solo Cat Bed.

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