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A feature of beauty, elegance and sophistication. This grand solid wood hall tree is a perfect hallway furniture piece for a home that prides itself on quality and aesthetic charm. It’s eye-catching presence will gather the gaze of any visitor to your household and impart a feeling of grace and good old traditional values. Crafted from the finest of solid hardwood, the hall tree with mirror, umbrella stands and shelving is designed to become an intrinsic element of your hall.

Together with a connoisseur’s finish, the hall tree also come with mahogany and olive ash burl veneers which yield to the natural beauty of the materials. A variety of hooks allow for clothing and outdoor wear to be located within easy reach whilst two side umbrella stand compartments present plenty of room for a husband and wife’s umbrellas. Two shelves, one at waist height, the other at foot height, establish plenty of storage surface area for a variety of accessories one usually keeps in a hallway such as notepads, gloves and keys.

The wooden look of the grand hall tree is complimented with antique brass finished fixtures such as the hooks, umbrella holders and their cups. Intricate designs and wonderfully hand-carved details identify this hallway furniture piece as an impeccable and luxury item that will serve both in functional ways and as an aesthetically charming hall décor improvement. All one needs in an entryway such as coat hooks, mirror, umbrella stand and shelves are located in one convenient body of furniture.

You can buy this stunning wood hall tree from here: Solid Wood Hall Tree With Mirror Back.

At the time of writing this item was priced at $1,994.