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Are you mad about Facebook? Do you tweet more than all the birds in your local neighbourhood? Is emailing something you do even in your sleep? If so and you love interior décor, these social media icon pillows from Craftsquatch will be topping your Christmas wish list this year. Featuring the most well-known icons from social media sites and general internet-based media, the pillows will make great themed accessories for a living room, study or bedroom.

The pillows are the creation of a Chicago native named Justin who makes and sells these social media pillow cushions on Etsy. The design entrepreneur makes each pillow individually with his team of … hmm, err, elves … and sells them to interested buyers worldwide. Looking at his sales statistics, it’s easy to see his creations are extremely popular and his delivery efficiency next to perfect. The pillow cushions are definitely for trendy geeks and will make excellent gifts for people you know who might be obsessed with social networking in one form or another.

The designs include icons from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Gmail, Chrome, Android, Tumblr, ID5 and Reddit. There are also icons representing phones, messages, email, blank profile images and icons associated with the iPod. Each one is clean-cut, bold and easy to distinguish. Placed on a shelf, bed, sofa or floor of a teenager’s bedroom, an internet marketer’s office, a WAHM’s (work at home Mom) living room or a silver surfer’s (code for elderly internet user) kitchen, these pillows will add some decorative humour to that particular setting. What’s more, visiting guests will know to ask for a friend request.

View them all here: Craftsquatch Social Media Pillows.