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With the onset of Autumn and Winter, it can be a good idea to bring extra color into your home interior. When the dark nights have settled in and the cloudy skies during daylight hours bring a heavy shroud of monotony, a touch of brightness can really uplift the ambiance of a room. This is where this smiling metal sun wall sculpture. comes into view. As you can see in the picture below, it delivers both color and radiance in equal measure.

metal-sun-wall-sculpture-colorfulThe whimsical smiling sun wall sculpture is made from intricately cut mild ground steel which has then been hand-painted with transparent paints. Finally a lacquer was added to provide the wonderfully vibrant reflective glow. This means that in whichever room in the home this metal wall art sculpture is located, the space will receive a renewed energy.

During the colder and darker months of the year, this is vital. At night time, the reflection of candles and ambient lighting will set this smiling metal sun wall sculpture ablaze. On the back of this decorative wall piece are two hangers and spacers which allow the colorful wall sculpture to protrude 1″ from the wall surface. This will provide extra depth and also a shadow effect which will allow for an extra background feature when different types of lighting are present.

As previously noted, there are many different rooms in the home where this smiling sun metal wall sculpture with surrounding stars will be complimentary. The living room will receive an injection of brilliance with this wall accent and will be particularly attractive if you have a fireplace. The reflection of the flames from the fire will dance merrily on this smiling sun wall sculpture and really enhance and merge with the beautiful coloring.

You can see further pictures of this wall sculpture as well as discover the purchasing details from here: Smiling Sun Metal Wall Sculpture.

By the way, it is hand-crafted in the state of South Carolina.