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It’s important to store your wines in a safe location where they won’t be damaged or broken in any way. A clean looking bottle without scrapes and grime marks is also more appealing. If you’re a moderate wine drinker and like to have a few bottles spare, then a small wrought iron 6 bottle wine rack like the one shown below will be an ideal accessory.

6-bottle-wine-rackThis wavy metal wine rack has been expertly crafted out of wrought iron. It’s curvy features make it an attractive addition to a variety of locations in the home. The rack can hold up to 6 regular bottles of wine securely and is extremely sturdy. Its size means it can be placed on a table or kitchen counter surface for easy reach, or alternatively, stored on the floor in a small kitchen nook or utility room. Wherever it is placed, the beautiful curves and waves will be an attractive feature of any interior space.

It also comes in a variety of designer metal finishes depending on which is chosen.

You can read more about this rack here: Small Wrought Iron 6 Bottle Wine Rack.