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I know from personal experience about the hassle one goes through when trying to discover what time it is in another part of the world. It’s not too bad if you’re on the internet at the time and can navigate to the online world clock but when you’re away from the computer, it can be a great hassle. My work often involves meetings and communication with international partners and so knowing the exact time in say India and California is vital. This is where the very modern revolving world desk clock comes into its own.

small-revolving-time-zone-desk-clockThe small world desk clock with revolving 12-sided time zones is a great little accessory for anyone who works with people in different parts of the world. Whether you work from home or in an office environment, the small desk clock will be very handy.

The clock features a 12-sided polygon with each side containing the names of two major international cities. In order to find the time in one of these cities, the clock is rolled until the city in question is on top. The correct time in that locale is then shown.

It’s not just for business related work that this small world desk clock is ideal for. Increasingly, internet romantic relationships are blooming and the taboo around them is collapsing. Whether successful in the long run or not, they do bring a great deal of genuine feelings and longings associated with regular dating. For anyone who has an online romance with someone in another country, then this small 12-sided polygon desk clock will be the ideal accessory for keeping up-to-date with the time of their beloved.

These small time zone clocks sit well on any type of desk and their contemporary style will enhance the features of your work space. They are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

For more information and purchasing details, have a look here:
Small World Desk Clock With Revolving 12-Sided Time Zones

In fact, they are also small enough to be used as world travel clocks which can be fitted snugly in a bag or briefcase.