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A small round table can fit an incredible amount of roles in the home interior. Depending on the design, they can be used as accent tables on which to also place precious vases and sculptures; end tables beside of a sofa or chaise; coffee tables on which to place cups, mugs, magazines and books; or as bedside tables on which can be placed a reading lamp. Small round wooden tables in particular are the staple of a good looking interior decor scheme.

small-round-feminine-tableToday I am going to focus on a delightful little table which will appeal especially to my female readers. From my experience as an Interior Designer, I know that a small feminine table is a popular choice for women across the nation and indeed, the world. Too often, furniture is geared for function rather than aesthetics, the latter of which is highly important to the female eye.

Husbands, boyfriends and fathers have no problems with straight legged tables and regular forms, after all, if a table is steady and strong, what more do you need? Wooden tables generally look decent enough and of course, they can be covered with fabrics to hide the structure. However, that’s not the point, women like to see a furniture piece that has more curves and softer forms than is the norm. As mentioned in an earlier post, round shapes and patterns are the most popular with the female half of the population.

This Suzie Petite Round Table by House Eclectic is just the answer. It’s a small round feminine table which is appealing not only in shape but also in function. There’s a cute little drawer where important items can be stored and is ideal especially as a bedside table. The legs are shaped rather like a deer’s or gazelle’s whilst the top is a perfectly formed circle without any sharp points.

As mentioned before, there are a myriad of places in the home interior for this type of small round accent table. It’s both functional and decorative in equal measure and is suitable for all ages. The color of the table in the picture above is red but it’s also available in pink, pale blue, black, pistachio as well as white. A little girl will love this table with a few added home-made stencils such as leaves, flowers or fairy-tale characters.

You can buy this small round table by following the link mentioned above. At the time of writing it was priced at $169.