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For centuries, the southern regions of India, notably Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, have been renowned for their expert rivergrass weaving. This small purple decorative storage box is just such an example of the rare skill the craftsmen in this region of South Asia possess. As well as boxes, the artisans, who depend on selling their wares for a living, also make decorative pillows, table mats, floor mats and coasters, to name but just a few of the items.

The natural fiber box combines the native grass found in the rivers of India with the traditional cultural border decorations, known as Zari, which adorn designs in furnishings and clothing seen in special festivals and weddings. The rivergrass is actually better known as Korai grass and is a member of the Cyperus family. Capable of growing up to 5 feet in height, the tender aquatic perennials are ideal for weaving into various decorative accessories so loved by people around the world.

Environmentally friendly products are an important aspect for many people. These Korai grass decorative boxes certainly benefit the environment. They are also fair-trade which is a movement that helps producers in developing countries make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. The boxes can also be found in other colors such as green, red, blue, black, brown and natural.

You can buy the box here: Small Purple Decorative Box Made in India.

Price: $28