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In the last few decades with the development of the computer and the internet, traditional letter writing techniques have sadly diminished. Fewer people, especially of the younger generation, sit down at a desk and write letters on paper like their forebears have done for centuries. However, despite the technological advancements, letter writing will never truly disappear as there is nothing quite as special as a handwritten note to a loved one. Neither will the traditional ladies writing desk disappear from existence either.

Small-Ladies-Writing-DeskAs a poet and writer away from my Interior Design sphere, I have studied the great romantic love letters and poems of yesteryear. When one thinks of the words from some of the greatest female writers in history, one automatically imagines them sitting at their writing desk, penning literature that would live on well past their death. Think of Charlotte Bronte who wrote of her love for Professor Constantin Heger, likely to have never had that love reciprocated.

Then there was Mary Wordsworth, wife of the famous English poet William Wordsworth who wrote: “I sit down to answer thee in the loneliness and depth of that love which unites us and which cannot be felt but by ourselves”. Such beautiful words would have been written at a desk similar to the one in the picture. A ladies writing desk where precious sentences and literature are crafted and woven, displaying the heart and soul of the writer.

Whether the letters you write are love letters, words to family members living afar, to children grown and flown, or merely business letters that you choose to write free hand or to sign, this small ladies writing desk in Tuscan cream is a beautiful furniture piece on which to compose. Four gently curved legs add a gentile quality to the writing desk which will compliment a home study, library, bedroom or sitting room.

A large drawer will hold letter writing materials such as paper, envelopes and previous letters whilst three smaller drawers will be perfect for writing utensils such as pens, pencils and also small stamps and glue. The Tuscan cream coloring has a slightly worn look which adds to the vision of an antique ladies writing desk similar to those of past centuries. It’s beautifully feminine and perfect for correspondence the old-fashioned way. In my view, the best way.

You can read more about this ladies furniture piece as well as purchasing details from the following location: Small Ladies Writing Desk in Tuscan Cream.