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When watering indoor house plants, it can be a little messy trying to pour water from a cup onto the soil in a pot. This is made especially difficult by any overhanging foliage which is why a small indoor watering can like the copper version in the picture below is an ideal home watering accessory. The copper watering can’s form also makes it a lovely decorative item for the home when not in use in its primary function.

The small copper indoor watering can has an extra large handle compared to its petite size. This allows ease of use when navigating between plant pots and vases that are either high on a shelf or low on the ground. The long thin spout of the copper watering can allows for extra accessibility to areas that are perhaps out of reach, either behind excess leaves or hanging high above the ground.

As one will note from the photo, the small copper watering can has an aged look which only adds to the character of the plant watering accessory. When not being used to water flowers, the copper watering can with the aesthetically pleasing curved handle can be placed on a prominent shelf or sideboard either in the kitchen, utility room or glasshouse. Alternatively it can be placed in the hallway as a decorative feature, highlighting to visiting guests, the love of plants and nature that will be found in the rest of the house.

Price: $37.50