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If you’re looking for a wall-mounted storage unit that will conceal electrical wires and accessories, keep sunglasses and keys close to hand, and be slim enough to fit into a tight space, then this slim vertical electronics tower and storage shelf will be just what you’re looking for. The contemporary design will compliment a variety of hallway décor schemes as well as fit in well in a modern bedroom or home study. The location possibilities are endless.

The slim storage tower is designed to be located next to an electrical outlet thereby providing a concealing unit for those untidy wires and a hidden location for the various add-ons that often come with electronics. In the base of the electronics tower is a hole for a wire to enter into the lower compartment, perfect for a phone or iphone re-charger.

Above, smaller shelves provide ample space for little everyday items you use multiple times a day. At the very top is a mirror which also acts as a cupboard door. This is ideal for checking your appearance before exiting the house. Inside the cupboard can be placed small manuals, leaflets, bills and letters that come through the door but can be dealt with later on.

The slim vertical shelf and electronics tower is a great space saving solution for a hallway and will add a sophisticated and contemporary appearance to the overall ambiance of the space.

You can find it here: Slim Vertical Wall-Mounted Shelf and Electronics Tower.

Price: $118