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Yet another mention of cats on this blog. I am feline crazy and no wonder when there are so many great sculptural metal moggies on the market. Take for example, this sleepy cat wall clock below. It’s made from recycled metal scraps and can be fitted on an interior or exterior wall. It’s the perfect gift idea for anyone you know, including yourself, who loves cats.

sleepy-cat-wall-clock-metal-scrapsThis sleepy cat wall clock is made by Richard Kolb for Yardbirds. The sculptor takes scrap metal and recycles them into sculptural forms, including a variety of animals. Cats seem to be one of his favorites like they would be with me if I attempted to create such delightfully whimsical sculptures.

Each of these wall clocks is individually handmade and thus no two cats will be identical. This is something I like very much about these sculptures. The sleepy cat wall clock is also made of bare metals so over time, if you let it, the clock can naturally rust. In my view, this is something one should allow for that is part of the unique appeal of these types of recycled sculpture. One can however treat them with an acrylic enamel spray if you want to prevent this rusting process.

The waving cat clock can be placed anywhere, inside or outside of the home. Perhaps in the hallway, garage, kitchen or even the bathroom. In the yard, it can be attached to the exterior wall, a fence post or even to a tree trunk. Wow, the latter would look great, although one must be careful to make sure the tree is large enough to not be adversely damaged by such an action.

You’ll probably have a good idea of where you’d like to hang such a timing fixture. In which case, you can buy this cat clock from the following location: Sleepy Cat Wall Clock Made From Recycled Metal Scraps.

From the above link, you can also browse through a number of other similar scrap metal creations.