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Babies and very young children often become restless during the night and at other times when they are meant to be sleeping. Noises from inside and outside the home frequently upset babies especially during the night. There is however a new and novel way to help baby stay relaxed and sleeping without resorting to soundproofing their bedroom or nursery. The Sleep Sheep from Cloud B is a cuddly toy that plays relaxing sounds to help your child fall asleep.

A sound box within the sheep is capable of playing four different soothing sounds which have all been specially developed to induce relaxation and tranquillity in children and adults alike. The four sounds consist of a Mother’s Heartbeat (as would be heard from the womb), Spring Showers (cosy pitter-patter sounds), Ocean Waves (who doesn’t find the sound of the sea relaxing?) and Whale Songs (eerie to some but to most babies, a very relaxing sound).

The Sleep Sheep is sure to help your baby sleep better during the night. It will also aid in the settling of a baby for daytime naps, which are just as important, for both mother and baby, as those during the night. Babies need gently repetitive noises and these four different soothing sounds provide a young child with this important factor. The different sounds are easy to select with a simple press of a button and come with a timer so they can be left to turn themselves off silently at selected intervals.

You can read more about the Sleep Sheep as well as find purchasing details here: Cloud b Sleep Sheep – Four Soothing Sounds From Nature.

Received an award from the National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval and has tons of great feedback.