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Trying to find the perfect gift for a jazz lover? Look no further for these delightfully elongated Jazz band statues will drive your friend or family member crazy with joy. Elegant, fun and beautifully made, each band member is individually unique and is built with an expressive and lively style. Just by gazing at the statues, you’ll feel the passion and even hear the Jazz music that they seem to be playing. For any Jazz fan, like myself, they are a must have decorative accessory.

The 3-piece musician statue set is the creation of renowned sculptor Billy Moon, of whose work I’ve already showcased numerous times on this website. He’s a three time winner of the prestigious ARTS award, which has rarely ever been won so many times by a single person. A native of Texas, he has now moved to China, after having travelled to various places in the world where his art and design and been enhanced and further influenced.

Each of the Jazz player statues is made from metal, with the musicians themselves being finished in a slate grey color. Silver plated accents such as their heads, hands and instruments create a wonderful contrast that really highlights the statues. The statues all stand on dark chestnut brown bases which are secure and steady. All three will look great on a shelf, cabinet or table in a living room, dining room or even a hallway. With Jazz playing in the background, you might almost see them move.

You can buy them from here: Slate Grey Elongated Jazz Band Statues.

Price: $162.80