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I know from experience the troubles involved in manoeuvring buckets, vases and pets under a faucet spout. More often than not, the container cannot be fitted into the sink for easy filling nor is the small pet dog thoughtful as to the constraints the owner faces when trying to give him or her a wash. One of my favorite remedies for such situations is the single handle pull-out faucet as seen below.

single-handle-pull-out-faucetThis versatile faucet is ideal for those hard to reach places. As those with small dogs will know, bath time could be speeded up no end with a special shower system much like the human equivalent. Instead we often have to put individual tubs of water over our dogs which is both troublesome and time consuming. As you can see in the picture, the pull out faucet means one hand can constantly be on the dog.

single-handle-dog-washing-faucetIt’s not just for pets this single handle pull-out faucet is useful for. I mentioned previously the perils of trying to fit various items into the sink to be filled with water. With this faucet you can merely place the bucket, vase or pot onto the sideboard and take the spout to the said object. This means less waste, less mess and less frustration.

Suggestions for where to fit this single handle kitchen faucet include the main kitchen sink, a utility room sink, a bathroom or in the garage. Think of where you fill containers and wash pets. This place will be the ideal spot.

You can buy this delta faucet from the following place: Single Handle Pull Out Faucet

The price various depending on what finish you choose.