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Transforming a dining room interior doesn’t need to involve a complete renovation of the space. Small items added in a tasteful and intelligent manner can do wonders by themselves and lead to a renewed and improved ambiance. The dining room is an important area of the home, not least because it’s where food is consumed and social interaction takes place on a daily basis. Therefore it needs to provide a relaxed, positive and congenial atmosphere for the purpose of all activities that will take place within.

Get Rid of Clutter

It’s amazing what getting rid of any unnecessary items in the dining room can do to transform the ambiance and space of this particular interior. Use any storage furniture you already have, after all, that’s what they are there for. Even during the day, when the dining room table is not in use, keep it clean and clear apart from a few decorative items (mentioned later).


Candles are a must in any style of dining room. During the evening meal, lit candles will provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere to the room and thus enhance the eating experience. For families with children, this is very important and will contribute to calm and cosy settings for everyone to enjoy their food. Romantic evenings will of course be enhanced with candles. Look out for candlesticks with a difference which can add a little personality to the table.


Chandeliers are expensive, whichever way you look at it. If you have the cash to splash and a ceiling high enough, then by all means purchase a chandelier but for most of us, these will not be on our radar. What I’ve found to be a cheaper and indeed more elegant option is to find a hanging lantern lamp. These can be electrical in nature or constructed in the old-fashioned way and used with a candle. In the right setting, these can be absolutely stunning.

Upholstery and Slipcovers

When we think of dining room chairs we usually imagine wooden framed chairs with either a slim cushioned seat or bare wood version. There are in fact a lot more varieties of dining chair and these include seating with upholstery and slipcovers. Upholstered furniture is basically a chair which has been padded and covered, in the same way an armchair is. Some even have springs. Slipcovers are basically “clothing for furniture” and are similar to upholstery but are easily removable and can be put in the wash.

Working with these two types of chair coverings means a lot more scope when it comes to adding color and interest to a dining room. You might want to match the existing décor in the interior or instead, create some contrast with different tones, materials and patterns from elsewhere. Dining tables are usually pretty simple in structure and wooden in nature, so the dining chairs are the place where interest can be added in this area.

Unique Salt and Pepper Shakers

When it comes to dinnerware, the most variety in design comes, in my view, with salt and pepper shakers. You can purchase these sets in so many different designs, styles, themes and sizes that you’re sure to find one to suit your personality and culinary needs. Over the years I can remember salt and pepper sets of all kinds including, most memorably, a pair of shakers in the shape of the donkey and elephant political mascots (Democrat and Republican respectively) found in the United States. These can really add humor and interest to a dining table setting.

Tableware Sets

When visiting family and friends come to visit, it’s always nice to display dinnerware that reflects your taste and style. In many cases, when we picture tableware sets in our minds, we see rather mundane white plates with regular shaped steel cutlery pieces beside them. This is all well and good if you like this look but there are different designs which can make the dinner table come alive. Consider purchasing tableware sets in a color that is not white. An example would be dark green, which is a style my parents chose. These really look beautiful, especially during the Christmas period. Push the boat out further and think of red tableware on white table linens.

Fruit Bowls

During the day when the dining table is not in use for its primary role, the surface can look a little bare. A bowl of fruit will provide the perfect addition to the table when dinner is not being served. Nature produces the most wonderful colors known to man and this can be seen in the fruit we in our everyday lives. Buy some extra apples, oranges, bananas, peaches and even pineapples, then place them in a prominent position, within an attractive bowl on the dining table top. It’s guaranteed, they’ll be more eye-catching than any Van Gogh painting.