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I’ve written about Karim Rashid’s designs on this website before and it’s not hard to see why I am drawn to his unique and rather beautiful designs. The Anglo-Egyptian designer is highly prolific in his work and it’s estimated he has over three thousand designs of his in production as well as hundreds of awards from across the planet. As far as young product, interior and furniture designers of the 21st Century go, Rashid is at the pinnacle.

The KAIRO chair as seen in the picture is made from a solid piece of cedar wood which has been carved into what can be described as an armchair. This is due to the curving effect and double arc feature of the seat which allows the sitter to rest their arms on the edges when in a sitting position. The inspiration for this chair is said to have come from his land of birth, Egypt and the ancient Egyptian boat designs and hieroglyphs.

Rashid’s desire in making this KAIRO chair, named after the place where he was born, was to create “a piece of furniture from a simple block of wood, with the ‘objective of removing the least quantity of wood possible from the trunk”. The widely respected guest lecturer and part-time DJ, certainly knows how to work creatively with natural forms and to make impressive and beautiful furniture pieces without taking away the very essence of the material used.

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H/T: Bonluxat.