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Rather than forking (excuse the pun) out hundreds of dollars on a brand new set of 80 stainless steel silverware pieces, a more cheaper option is to purchase silver plastic silverware sets. They look like the real thing and are sturdy enough to handle all types of food that regular silverware can. Silver plastic silverware is basically a faux version of the knives, forks and spoons we have in our kitchen drawers.

Silver plastic silverware is a great alternative to metal silverware when it comes to large one-off social functions where you are the host. Buying 80 knives, forks and spoons is likely to put you out of pocket in the early stages of your dining creativity and in many cases, it’s unlikely you’ll have so many guests again. Plastic silver knives forks and spoons look like the real thing and will be an understandable replacement for stainless steel cutlery.

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