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Old plastic bottles and glass jars are usually, at best, taken for recycling, and at worst, simply thrown into the trash. However, making use of these containers in another way is better solution entirely and this is precisely what the cleverly made silicon lace vase by Milk Design Limited does. Instead of standing empty waiting to be disposed of, your old beer bottles, milk jugs and even wine glasses can be transformed into elegant flower vases for use in any location.

A stretchable silicon rubber sleeve is the item which completely changes the function and appearance of the jar or bottle. It’s designed to slip around the rim and edge of the vessel in question and provide a traditional vase-like curvature for the arrangement of flowers. The sleeve apparently comes in different colors and is stretchable enough to be moulded around all shapes and sizes of rims.

This clever solution for a home lacking in vases is ideal for people who like to reuse items rather than throwing them away. The sleeve can be moved from one container to the next and is extremely easy to keep clean. With this silicon sleeve, you can place an old milk bottle on your living room coffee table and transform it into a vase full of colorful flowers. Alternatively, a jam jar or an old glass rice canister can be situated in the bathroom or bedroom and likewise filled with delightful floral arrangements.

For more information, see Milk Design Limited.

Via: Yanko Design.