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I love cats. I have four of the little buggers and no doubt spoil them rotten. There have rarely been instances in my whole life when I haven’t had at least one cat tripping me up or causing mischief with my socks. Over the years I’ve collected numerous books on the feline beast and studied their habits and form, the latter of which lends itself perfectly to art and sculpture.

siamese-cat-bookends-made-from-thai-woodCat figurines are numerous and highly popular and being a bookworm as well as a cat lover, these Siamese cat bookends immediately caught my eye. They’ve been carved from environmentally sustainable Northern Thai wood and stand at around 9 inches high. The cat bookend’s beautiful form is very appealing and will be to any admirer of the feline shape.

I can imagine these wooden bookends being ideal accessories on desks, book shelves and coffee tables. The cat figurines almost seem to be asking for a saucer of milk and a home with literary tastes.

These wooden cat bookends cost just $63.

You can purchase them here: Pair of Hand-Carved Siamese Cat Bookends