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A good long soak in the bath can really improve your mood and free your body from all the tensions of the day. Feeling the warm water caressing your tired muscles and smelling the aroma of soap or scented oils is heavenly. With our toes we turn the taps, a little on, a little off, just to add the right amount of extra hot water. A good book and the radio playing our favorite music on a stand nearby means it becomes very difficult to get out and dry ourselves before turning into prunes.

shropshire-bathtub-by-victoria-and-albertThis becomes a near impossibility when you have a bath as stylish as the Shropshire Bathtub by Victoria and Albert. It’s constructed of ENGLISHCAST™ material which is a finely ground volcanic limestone mixed with high performance resin. This means it’s an incredibly beautiful alternative to the cast iron and acrylic materials also used in the construction of bathtubs.

volcanic-limestone-white-bath-materialFor a bathroom that needs an injection of classic sophistication then this is ideal. Sip the finest of white wines and tuck into those Ferrero Rocher chocolates just like in the movies. The great thing about a free-standing bathtub like this is that it can be placed as a centerpiece in the bathroom. If you want, it can also be used as a kitchen bath.

victoria-and-albert-limestone-bathtubYou can read more about it here: Shropshire Bathtub by Victoria and Albert