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There are various different shower curtain materials available to buy depending on what you are looking for. The types range from the synthetic to the moral natural materials and each one has different benefits. However, each one also has some drawbacks. All these considerations need to be thought through before you embark on buying new shower curtains for your bathroom.

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s difficult to beat natural fibres such as cotton or linen for your shower curtain. These will match a wide range of bathroom interior design styles and will add a touch of elegance to the shower or bath area. However, such natural materials are not usually waterproof and are liable to mildew if left for any amount of time.

shower-curtain-materialsOn the other hand, synthetic shower curtain materials such as vinyl and polyester are extremely functional in the sense they are waterproof. That said, they can be heavy, bulky and not very attractive. It can be difficult to find synthetic shower curtains that match a unique or old-style bathroom design theme.

It is possible to have both, with the more waterproof material on the inside and the natural fibre on the outside, facing the rest of the bathroom. Although this can be rather cumbersome.

One advantage with synthetic shower curtains is their availability on the market. They are especially suitable for households with children who want to make the bathroom a child-friendly environment. Goodness knows, it can be hard work sometimes when it comes to kids and bath time. One can usually get any pattern, color and picture imaginable on these types of shower curtains.

Synthetic materials are also good for more general themes such as ocean bathrooms, seaside bathrooms and animal themed bathrooms. One can always find shower curtains with designs on them such as seashells, fishes, cats, clouds, horses and even cityscapes.

Another advantage of synthetic shower curtain materials is their price. They are cheaper than natural shower curtain materials which means they can be replaced without too much of a financial headache. Again, this makes them particularly suitable for homes with children or multiple family members. Synthetic material is also easier to clean and will usually be as good as new after a good clean with bleach or laundry soap.

There is still however no getting away from the fact that natural shower curtain materials more often than not just look much nicer than their synthetic cousins. When purchased to match other materials in the bathroom such as towels, bathmats, curtains and even dressing gowns. Some natural fibre shower curtain materials have been waterproofed and given stain resistant coatings which help but can slightly reduce the overall aesthetic quality.

One of my favorite shower curtain materials is hemp. This material is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which means it is not liable to mildew and stains. Hemp is a natural plant fibre and is very similar to linen and cotton. Hemp shower curtains are very durable and can be washed repeatedly without any ill-effects. On top of this, hemp is often grown in environmentally friendly environments and colored with natural dyes.

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