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For older people, the prospect of shower time can become a daunting experience. What was once a pleasurable and routine task now becomes a worrisome strain that leaves them exhausted and in the worst case scenario, badly injured. For family members, the worry over the safety of a parent or grandparent can be stressful as well. However, there is a solution and it involves the simple addition of a shower chair for the elderly in your bathroom interior.

Shower chairs of this type come in a few different designs and styles. All have metal legs which provide strength whilst the seat and back are usually made from plastic. Some even come in teak wood or bamboo. The chair allows the older person to sit down in comfort when in a shower cubicle or bathtub based shower. Small holes in the seat allow water to drain away and the smooth nature of the plastic allows for easy cleaning afterwards.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a shower chair for the elderly person is the psychological aspect. All people like to be independent when it comes to those everyday duties such as washing and cleaning and this doesn’t change as we grow older. A grandparent’s ability to do things for themselves like they always have will boost their confidence and make them feel a whole lot better than if they had to rely on a carer to help them shower. A shower chair therefore offers continued dignity.

You can discover a lot more information about these types of chairs and how they can benefit your family on this website here: Shower Chairs for the Elderly.

There you’ll find out where you can buy a good quality chair which is inexpensive and will last for a good many years. You can also read more about shower transfer chairs as well as look at other related accessories that help the older person in the bathroom environment.