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Are you looking for an original shot glass set that will take your friends by surprise? If so, then this shot glass set featuring a little pewter man at the base with his arms outstretched will be the perfect drinking accessory. This novelty shot glass set includes two such figurine glasses as seen in the picture below. The shape of the glass narrows at the base, thereby leaving the little pewter figure to act as the stabiliser.

shot-glass-set-pewter-man-baseYour drinking buddies will be shocked to find that you indeed have extra buddies they didn’t even know about when they set eyes on these amazing little pewter men. The finely detailed figurines are first sculpted in clay before being cast in solid pewter. For a lasting shine, the figures are then coated in nickel silver. These are all American made and are crafted in the state of New Mexico.

One need not worry about the metals used in the production of these little pewter shot glass bases. Pewter is a frequently used in kitchenware and jewellery and is safe to use around food and children due to it being completely lead-free. These shot glasses with little figurines at the base will make an excellent talking point during after dinner drinks or at other social functions held in the private home.

You can buy this novelty set from the following location: Shot Buddies Pewter Shot Glass Set .

A set of 2 is priced at: $52.99