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If you’re looking for an injection of East Asian décor in your interior design schemes, then this shiny round table vase made from spun bamboo will make an exquisite addition. The Chinese vase comes from an area rich in design traditions. Vases in one form or another, whether wooden, ceramic or stone have been made in China for thousands of years. This silver leaf vase (there is a red version too) is the contemporary result of such a rich creative lineage.

The vase is made from spun bamboo and has been given a decorative lacquer finish which gives it a beautiful shine. Available in gold leaf (as pictured above) or in red (as pictured below), the shimmering round table vase will make an excellent feature in a living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom. It can be placed on a table or alternatively, on the floor. Either way, its shine and eye-catching appeal will make it a notable accessory to whichever interior setting it is placed within.

One drawback is that bamboo vases in general, including this one, cannot directly hold water. There’s a very simple solution however and that is to place a small glass or plastic container within and fill that with water should you desire to place live flowers and plants inside. Different options would include using the round vase purely for dried flowers and branches or for faux-plants which are becoming ever more realistic and visually appealing.

12″ Silver Leaf Round Table Vase – $64.95
Retail Price: $74.95
You Save: $10.00
from: Oriental-Decor New York,LLC

The shiny nature of this round Chinese vase, owing to the lustrous lacquer finish, means it will catch the light wonderfully and result in a warm glowing decorative object to really uplift any type of room.