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Despite the advances in purification of the water that comes through our faucets, we more often than not would like to see an improvement in the standard. That’s why home water purifiers are a popular accessory for the kitchen and can be found in a wide variety of styles. However, few if any even come close to the fantastic design of the Staccato water purifier which is not only beautiful in shape but requires no electricity and works in tandem with gravity.

So how does the Staccato turn relatively clean water into crystal clean water? Very simply. Water trickles down from an upper filtration reservoir into a larger second reservoir. In between the two chambers is a specially designed filter cartridge. This cartridge is made from a combination of activated carbon, KDF55, micro-porous bio-ceramics, and quartz crystal. A simple handle is used to draw water from the purifier into a glass, cup or kettle.

The shapely egg structure was not designed in this style by chance. The 8-shaped water purifier compliments the circulation and regeneration of the water as well as symbolizing the abundance, purity and, best of all, the infinite cycles of water purification the Staccato can achieve. The shiny black design is highly attractive and will suit numerous kitchen interior décor schemes and settings. The design also prevents stagnation and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up.

Place the 8-shaped water purifier on a kitchen counter surface or table and leave it to work its magic. The upper reservoir can be topped up now and then so as clean water is available later on for drinking. All in all, it will provide a lovely decorative feature to the kitchen as well as being an environmentally friendly functional accessory for all the family to use and benefit from.

You can buy it here: Ovopur Caviar: Staccato Water Purifier by Aquaovo.

Dimensions: 26″H x 11″W x 14″D