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Some people love sheep. Now don’t take that the wrong way but there are admirers of the sheep form that would kill for some nice sheep souvenirs. Before I confuse my readers and perhaps instil worry where there is no need for concern to occur, I should mention the wonderful sheep salt and pepper shakers made from hand blown glass as seen below. I came across them when looking through various collections of novelty salt and pepper shaker sets online.

sheep-salt-pepper-shaker-setFor a family member or friend you might know who loves sheep, then this sheep salt and pepper shaker set could be the ideal gift for their next birthday. They’ll certainly bring a smile to their faces. If you yourself happen to collect sheep themed accessories, then these would be a great addition to a kitchen table or shelf.

The sheep salt and pepper shakers are a light-hearted but rather gorgeous kitchen accessory that will be admired by all the family, whether fond of animals in their natural state or just on a dinner plate. They are functional and decorative and so will bring something to the table for everyone. Before I drown myself in shameful puns, I will just add, that this novelty salt and pepper shaker set has been individually hand-blown in the US state of Oregon using Pyrex glass which is known for its very high quality and durability.

Add a touch of whimsical humor to your kitchen table. You can buy this set from the following website for $64.99: Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – ‘Black & White Sheep’

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