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For fans of Shakespeare and classical English literature, this open book shaped Shakespeare teapot sculpture by Steve McGovney will be a must-have decorative accessory. The renowned American ceramicist has had his work shown in the top galleries across the nation and this literary themed sculpture is, in my view, one of his finest creations that will appeal to people with a deep fondness for both fine art and great literature, as well as, of course, unique home décor.

The teapot sculpture appears as a cross between a conventional tea vessel and an open book. The combination of two completely different items into one sculpture provides a visually and cognitively exciting feature that will catch the wandering gaze of family, friends and guests alike in your home. Within the teapot, upon the two open pages are scenes from Shakespeare’s life, sonnets and plays. Some of the tales included are Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a sculptural representation of Hamlet that protrudes from the top of the pages.

What makes this sculpture really stand out is the fact it has been individually handmade and painted. Placed in a prominent position on a shelf, table or cabinet in a room frequently used, this open book teapot sculpture will provide endless hours of aesthetic appeal and conversation starters. It will be hard not to pick it up at times and explore the many images and representations depicted on the open pages of Shakespeare’s life and works.

Shakespeare Teapot – Open Book Style Steve McGovney – $600.00
Retail Price: $610.00
You Save: $10.00
from: DetailsArt