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Shabby chic dressers for a bedroom interior echo the relatively new style first coined in the 1980s by designer Rachel Ashwell. Originating in Britain, the shabby chic design fashion evoked the mansion house interiors where worn and faded furniture and fabrics combined with old paintwork and wooden doors to create a marvellously elegant and old-fashioned milieu. The famed understatement of the British character echoed into the unassuming attractiveness of the large country home interiors.

In this regard, shabby chic as a term points to a decorating style that uses furnishings and décor that are, or at least seemingly are, from a bygone age and are combined with more contemporary elements. In many ways it is similar to a Bohemian style which has been written about before on this blog and elsewhere. Shabby chic dressers for the bedroom interior are perfect furniture additions to a sleeping area where a little historical and imperfect furnishings are required. Combined with interior décor of a similar worn and aged nature, the room itself can become a work of art.

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Shabby chic furniture like these dressers can come from a variety of historical design periods and locations. From the beautiful shaker furniture to more classical French styles, the type of dresser or cupboard is largely irrelevant compared to the quality of the finish and color. With special ageing techniques, just about any furniture piece can be given a shabby chic look which will compliment an existing interior. However, if you don’t have the time, inclination and resources to do it yourself, you can buy a shabby chic dresser from online.