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Hubba hubba!! What a babe!! Wait a moment, let me put my glasses on. This isn’t in fact a real hottie but a sculptural form crafted by furniture designer Peter Rolfe from England. It consists of a birch plywood sculpture in the shape of a naked kneeling woman with drawer space forming part of her breasts and buttocks. These sexy human anatomy drawers are not the new range of sex toy friends for lonely men but instead a study of form and function.

Human-Anatomy-DrawersRolfe’s work is heavy influenced by the natural world and he has created a range of human sculptural forms similar to these in the images. You can see more of this young Englishman’s work as well as his bio by visiting his website here: Peter Rolfe Sculptural Furniture.

sexy-female-body-chest-of-drawersQuite what you’d want to put in these drawers is something to contemplate. I’m not sure if the designer intends to sell this range but you can imagine the wonderful possibilities and locations for such a piece. However, I am certain most buyers would be rich bachelors.


buttock-drawer-spaceWhere would you put your sexy female anatomy drawers and what would you use the drawer space for?