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When you want to bring a little extra fluidity and interest to a room, then an addition such as these slanted and askew mirrors are a wonderful possibility. Unlike regular flat mirrors, this set of 4 are each mounted on their own wood slanted base to provide an angled dimension both to the reflection and the interior where they are placed. A contemporary setting will benefit from such an arrangement as will various aspects such as lighting and apparent room size.

The four slanted mirrors are separate in design but can be placed together in a variety of ways, including the four square look as seen in the picture above. They can also be positioned in a line or one on each of the four walls in a single interior. The possibilities are endless and completely up to your own particular tastes. One thing is assured, the askew mirrors will be a great focal point and will reflect light to more unusual places, such as the ceiling or into a dark corner if positioned correctly.

You can buy these mirrors here: Askew Mirror – Set Of 4.

Price: $88 (for set of 4)