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Kitchen food storage items don’t have to be a mundane affair as this 4 Piece Canister Set with a colorful French Bistro theme proves. Designed by Jennifer Grant, the four kitchen canisters are perfect for the storage of dry foodstuffs ranging from rice, flour and sugar to tea bags, coffee and cookies. Each one portrays whimsical scenes from a French bistro and will match well with a decidedly French or European café interior décor theme as well as just about any other interior that needs a splash of color and fun.

Bistros are a very French invention and are basically a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a simply designed setting. Over the centuries, each bistro focused on a particular type of food and thus one bistro in one particular location would differ quite a lot from another bistro in another town or city. The congenial atmosphere of the typical bistro led to many works of literature and art having scenes set in such an establishment, as well as popular scenes in many movies during the 20th Century and beyond.

The 4 canisters which make up this French Bistro themed food storage set all differ in size from one another. However, each one depicts an expressive waiter serving wine to expectant customers. The costumes the waiters are wearing are actually representative of the fashions of various periods in Parisian history. The beautifully rich and warm backgrounds composed of a mixture of red, yellow and orange complete the attractive design of the storage canisters and also contrast well with the black lids. There’s no doubt that these 4 canisters will provide not only highly functional food storage pieces but also excellent decorative additions to enhance a kitchen’s interior décor.

You can buy the set here: Bistro 4 Piece Canister Set.

Made by Certified International which is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tablewares.