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Ever since Homer’s Odyssey, tales of sea and ocean travel have been multiple and varied. It’s little surprise therefore that seafaring themed décor has also been popular and remains so to this day. The set of 3 seafaring themed hand towels as pictured below are by renowned artist Thomas Paul and feature blue ink drawings of a three-mast sailing ship, an anchor and a big sperm whale. All 3 are familiar images from the exciting tales of old and indeed, from modern movies.

Bathroom décor frequently requires a sense of continuation when it comes to design. We like to keep our towel collections largely the same color, material and shape, which are often purchased according to the overall décor scheme of the interior. This collection of three hand towels fulfils this requirement and adds a lot more when it comes to decorative splendour and visual interest. The blue-ink design drawings of the sailing ship, anchor and whale will bring a decidedly nautical and navy themed ambiance to any bathroom, regardless of what else is within sight.

One of the most well-known seafaring stories is Moby Dick by American author Herman Melville in 1851. It tells the story of sailors, most notably Ishmael and Ahab who hunt a giant albino sperm whale who is attacking ships and their crews. An imaginary story of course for whales are not known for their ferociousness but instead as gentle giants of the deep. Then of course there is the biblical tale of Jonah and the whale. A whale is said to have saved Jonah from drowning and then spat him out onto dry land after 3 days and 3 nights inside its belly.

Whether you are from a sailing family yourself or take a great interest in nautical based literature, this set of 3 seafarer themed hand towels will make a delightful addition to just about any bathroom décor style. They can make great towels for guest rooms for when visiting friends and family stay the night.

You can find them here: Set of 3 Seafarer Hand Towels in Ink by Thomas Paul.

Made from 100% natural cotton with ink print.