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In the days before modern suitcases and fast air travel, trunks, or travelling chests as they were known, were a common accessory amongst travellers. Nowadays, trunks are more frequently used as items of furniture and this set of 3 rectangular rattan trunks is no different. Attractive in appearance and perfectly functional for the storage of clothing, bedding, toys, old belongings and just about anything else you want to store away for a while.

The three suitcase-style trunks are made from rattan and feature two metal clasps and a decorative handle. Rattan is basically any variety of roughly 600 species of palms that are vine-like in appearance. One can find these materials and style of weaving in large selections of home décor and furniture accessories today such as chairs, baskets, garden tables and even room dividers. However, in my view, nothing beats an old-world style rattan trunk like the three in the picture above.

You can place these trunks in multiple different locations within your home or altogether in one place as a set. They will be particularly suitable for a bedroom setting where they can be positioned on top of a bench or on the floor, to give extra storage space for blankets and quilts. In a bathroom setting, they can be a nice decorative feature whilst at the same time being a container in which to store clean towels ready for future use. Alternatively, in a living room or home library they can act as purely decorative items to match other rattan objects or particular interior décor schemes. They can even be used as picnic hampers for garden parties which young children.

You can buy the set from here: 3 Rectangular Rattan Storage Trunks.

In 3 different sizes.