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I remember a few years ago I spent a long time trying to find a nice Buddha statue which I could use as a visual focus during meditation. The stores where I lived didn’t seem to stock tasteful sculptures nor did I know where to look online for the white and simple pose I was searching for. I finally found the perfect Buddha statue for my requirements in a small hippy-like shop that was later raided by the drugs police. To this day I often smell the sculpture for any possible scent of cannabis.

The Buddha statue in the picture above is of a very similar style, shape and hue to the version I own. Over the years it has contributed to the serene calm I feel when meditating or watching my thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky. The beautiful design reminds one of the teachings that the Buddha revealed to mankind and is a powerful anchor during the storms that can all too readily take over the emotional mind.

With a delicate ivory finish, this Buddha statue that sits on a double lotus pedestal is a perfect decorative accessory for just about any interior in the home. If you have a special room, alter or area of the house for meditating or quiet contemplation, then this will make an excellent addition and highlight to the ambiance of the location. Situated next to gently flickering candles and the rising smoke of incense sticks, the sculpture will provide the perfect visual focal point in which to steady and observe one’s thoughts.

Price: $54