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Children love to have furniture all of their own. We all remember in childhood how we often preferred to sit in our special kid’s chair whilst watching the television or reading. That’s why this sectional red sofa for young children is an ideal furniture piece for your little one’s bedroom or as a side addition to your living room. It’s adult looking in style but perfectly proportional to a kid’s needs and comfort.

I remember when I was little, my parents had a large living room area that had once been two separate rooms. The middle wall had been knocked out and the rear of the two spaces became a semi-kid’s play area and library. I would spend hours reading and playing happily, with my parents in sight. How I would have loved a sectional red sofa like this one pictured.

Children love to have their friends come to visit and so a red sofa is an ideal furniture piece for multiple kids, whether your own or visiting ones. If you home-school your children, then a kid’s sofa can also be a great place to sit and read or recite. Placed in a corner or in the center of a study room, the sectional L-shaped sofa can become a focal point. There are a wide variety of possibilities depending on yours and your child’s needs.

You can buy this sectional sofa from here: Boom Lucy Sectional, Redrock.

Price: $665

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