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Photographic canvas prints are a great way to decorate themed rooms in particular. I’ve often used this medium as a decorative feature that adds depth and excitement to an interior. Whilst browsing the web today I came across a particular theme which I like and that is cityscapes. Mix this with one of my favorite American cities, Seattle and you have one hell of collection of great looking additions for a wall in your home.

seattle-cityscape-canvas-printsI’ve probably mentioned before on this website, my love for the old comedy series Frasier. This highly popular and well written comedy put Seattle on the map for me and inspired an almost romantic pull to the Washington State city scene. The famous Seattle Space Needle, the Columbia Center and the more older Smith Tower all symbolised the Pacific coast city to my young English mind.

seattle-moonrise-wallpaper-skylineI’m a romantic and to many this infatuation must seem very silly but it does highlight a point. That is that many might share my thoughts about other US cities and their skylines. For cities that have meaning for you, whether historical, personal or even romantic connections, a large city skyline photographic canvas print can be a wonderful option if you need to decorate a large area of wall.

seattle-canvas-prints-city-trafficSuch locations in the home might include a refurbished basement where regular pictures frames just don’t seem to have the edge that they do above ground. With the right focal lighting, one of these large prints can almost imitate a large window in a basement room, with a view to die for. Think also of a games room, artist studio, meditation room or landing.

You’ve probably got a general idea of where one of these would go well. If so, have a closer look here: Seattle City Skyline Photographic Canvas Prints

They come with a choice of different sizes, as well as framed and in triptych form.