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Do you have a coastal or ocean themed bathroom décor scheme? If so, this set of three sea themed glass bottles will match with this décor arrangement perfectly. The bottles can be used to store liquid soap, bath oils, talcum powder, and any number of soaps and perfumes. Each bottle comes with a beautiful nautical themed object on the bottle top, including a shell and a starfish, which add visual interest and tactile difference to the set.

Each bottle also features sea themed designs on the sides. These include sea plants and shells. The gentle colors and tones really compliment the delicate nature of the glass material and will catch daylight wonderfully well when in position on a bathroom counter surface, shelf or windowsill. When decorating a bathroom, it’s important to add color and visual interest to the interior otherwise the room can be left bland, cold and uninspiring. Decorative themes, especially ones connected to nature, such as the sea, can really lift the feel of a bathroom.

You can buy the bottle set from here: Burton Coastal Glass Bottles.

Will also look good in a kitchen, utility room or bedroom.