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Looking for some sea life themed dinnerware for the dining room table? Look no further for this delightful 4-piece collection is sure to impress. Thomas Paul’s sea themed dessert and side plates are high in quality and stunning in the decorative stakes. For anyone who likes the sea or ocean, this sealife collection will make a great addition to your tableware, or alternatively, as purely decorative features in their own right.

Thomas Paul is a renowned home product designer and has branched out from curtain and fabric design to the creative world of table and dinnerware as seen from these dessert plates with aquatic themes. On each of the four plates is a animal which can be found in water of one variety or another. The ever popular goldfish is found on one plate whilst on others there is a green turtle, a splendid seahorse and the fascinating beast known as the pufferfish.

Each plate has a character of its own and will attract the attentions of family members and visiting guests alike. People all have their own experiences and stories and as such, each plate will hold some significance to those who view this sea-life themed decorative dinnerware set. After all, who hasn’t been in awe of the way small baby turtles bravely rush to the sea after hatching from their eggs? Many people have also had a favorite goldfish in their childhood as well.

You can buy these aquatic plates here: Set of 4 Sea Life Themed Dinnerware Plates.

Size: 4. 9″ in diameter.