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This Saint Anthony figurine is a lovely sculpture for devoted Christians. It depicts the Portuguese friar, who is also known as Anthony of Padua, holding the baby Jesus as he is frequently depicted doing so in religious imagery. The sculpture, made from a mix of resin and stone, is a life-like representation of the much loved saint in the Roman Catholic Church. It’s an ideal decorative and prayer-inspiring statue for a home prayer room, living room, or hallway.

St. Anthony, born Fernando Martins de Bulhões, was born in 1195 and died, after a fulfilled life in the serve of God, in 1231. He was widely recognised by his contemporaries as a great preacher and an extraordinarily knowledgeable priest. He served as envoy from the general chapter to Pope Gregory IX and during this time his preaching became known as the “jewel case of the Bible”. Today he is venerated worldwide as the Patron Saint for lost articles, including people. Saint Anthony is also known as the fastest canonized saint in all of history.

You can buy this statue from here: Sculpture of Saint Anthony.

Height: 37 inches.