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Sculptural floor lamps come with two delightful benefits that many other lamps just do not have. A sculptural floor lamp will provide a good looking sculpture during the day time and at night, a wonderful lighting display. This means, whilst most lamps will fade into the background during daylight hours, a sculptural lamp such as the Interfold Lumalight 60 Series Floor Lamp designed by Roland Simmons will be a main focal point both day and night.

sculptural-floor-lampsFor a contemporary interior, the Lumalight sculptural floor lamp will provide a display of intrinsic beauty and luminosity. Whether you put it in the living room, a bedroom or a refurbished basement, the lamp will add to the modern ambiance. The rich visual warmth provided by the floor lamp will also serve as a comfortable and charming addition for the colder and darker months of the year.

The Interfold Lumalight 60 Series Floor Lamp comes in a choice of five parchment shade colors which include: Canary Yellow, Flame Red, Natural White, Old Gold and Stone Beige. There is also a functional zipper in the shade which allows for easy assembly and bulb changes.

I have a lamp similar to this one in my own home. They really are beautiful light forms to have in a living room where you can turn off the main ceiling lights and enjoy the glow of a delightfully formed sculptural floor lamp.

You can discover more about this floor lamp as well as purchasing details from the following location: Lumalight 60 Series Floor Lamp by Interfold