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As a cat lover, a creation like this scrap metal cat sculpture is irresistible. However, it becomes doubly so when you find out the sculpture is in fact also a functioning cat food and water bowl holder. The wonderfully whimsical piece is made by renowned American sculptor Richard Kolb who has become well-known for his Yardbirds sculptures portraying cats, dogs, birds and a wide variety of other unusual characters. This cat sculpture is perfect for art-appreciating cat owners.

Kolb collects the metal he uses in his sculptures from locations including landfill sites. Such items as garden tools, car parts, farm implements, bicycle parts, and mufflers are turned into charming animal forms and each is unique due to the parts used. What’s more, each one has been individually hand created with loving attention making them delightful items to showcase in the home whether in a functional or purely decorative capacity, or in most cases, both. This scrap metal cat sculpture will definitely serve as an aesthetically pleasing talking point in wherever interior space you feed your cats.

The sculpture features two bowls, one for water and one for food. Four strong feet, rather like a miniature table, provide a solid foundation so nothing is spilt or slips out. The height at which the two bowls rest on the back of the metal cat are at a perfect height for comfortable eating for most types of cat. The sturdiness of the metal means it will survive even the most excited and ravenous cat’s attention come meal time. If placed outside, perhaps as a flower pot holder, the metal will gently rust thereby creating another form of beauty in amongst the shrubs and flowers.

You can buy it here: Scrap Metal Cat Sculpture with Food Bowls.

Measures 21″ x 7″ x9″.