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The image of Santa Claus on this rug brings back wonderfully fond memories from my childhood. Christmas was made all the more special by the mysterious visit of this big friendly old man in red who would leave a sack full of presents. I’ve always known him better as ‘Father Christmas’, the more common name for Santa Claus in Britain. However, whatever you call him, he has become one of the most iconic images worldwide bringing children joy from East to West.

santa-claus-rugThis Santa Claus rug shows the gift laden old gentleman climbing into a chimney. Snow covered houses and trees provide a delightfully seasonal backdrop whilst the full moon relays the magical quality of the moment. The edges of the rug are composed of red, green and gold borders, the typical colors associated with Christmas time. Made from premium nylon fibers, the Santa Claus rug is constructed to last for many a seasonal outing onto a living room or kid’s bedroom floor. One might even place it at the foot of the stairs as an extra decorative feature for the delighted rush on Christmas morning.

I can’t describe in mere words how pleasurable Christmas was for me as a child. The anticipation and excitement gathered steam over the weeks and then days before the most magical of evenings, Christmas Eve. Decorations were put up in our home around December 20th which included Christian symbols as well as images of Santa Claus and his bulging toy sack and reindeer. Even now, writing about it as I am, with the sunshine outside, I can feel the tingling of child-like expectation rushing through my veins.

Anyway, before I start to daydream about my childhood I will tell you where you can buy this decorative Christmas themed rug.

You can purchase it from here: Santa Claus Winter Up on the Housetop Rug.

By the way, it comes in a choice of three different sizes.

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