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My aunt loves pigs. So much so that she collects decorative art, sculptures, ceramics and prints of pigs in all shapes and sizes. When I last visited her home I remember little pink fabric toys tastefully arranged on the windowsills. On her walls were a couple of artistic paintings with pigs playing cards around a table. My aunt is so well known for liking the grunting animal, my own mother called her “a pig!”. Unfortunately she wasn’t amused and we haven’t spoken since.

pig-piglet-salt-and-pepper-glass-shaker-setIf we were on friendly terms now, then I would definitely send her this handblown glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set in the shape of a pig and a piglet. I know it would bring a smile to her face and any other admirer of the pink beast. Each shaker is individually hand-blown in the state of Oregon using high-quality glass. Absolutely no molds of any kind were used in their creation.

The transparent pink is created by fuming hand-mixed colors and 24k gold directly to the glass at high temperatures. Corrosion resistant metal caps were then added. They look adorable and their delicate forms will be admired by even the most enthusiastic of pork sausage eaters. The pig and piglet shaker set will provide a perfect touch of functional decorative art to your kitchen.

Have a closer look here: Handblown Glass Salt & Pepper Shaker Set – ‘Pig & Piglet’